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This is the virtual home of FROF [The Free Republic Of Feydey] a very loose association of people who live or have lived in Leysin-Feydey, Switzerland.

FROF was born in the late 1970s when we declared our independence from Switzerland and became the Free Republic of Feydey. Unfortunately the Swiss government failed to take notice!

The history of FROF really goes back nearly 50 years, to the opening in Leysin of Club Vagabond, a place dear to the hearts of many people traveling in Europe since 1961. Also in the mid 60′s the International School of Mountaineering (ISM) opened, attracting the elite of the international climbing community, to Leysin and the bar at the Vag.

We hope to bring together of the people who have passed through (or are still trying to get out! of) the “magic mountain” and wish to get back in contact with some of the special people they encountered there.

Whether you are “still high in the Alps“, on the beach in Bali, traveling on the Tibetan plateau or at home somewhere on this little planet, through this site we hope to establish a virtual community that remains alive, in touch and forever revolutionary.


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Met my husband at the Club Vagabond on my 21st birthday in 1972..the month of August. I worked on and off in Leysin from 1972-1973. I have photos and lots of questions of what ever happened to ..starting with what ever happened to Frank…Roland the dentist? Francois?..Larry the cook…..etc..

Does anyone remember Derrick and Dorothy?

hey Betty, we must have arrived ther around the same time- I landed in the Vag mid Aug, ’72…
Larry ( metzger) the cook died some time back( see Absent friends dropdown)
Frank- i’d forgotten about him..no idea, and haven’t seen anything on the site since dan put it up.
Derek and Dorothy..wow, had forgotten about them- after promises of investment and i reacal what else, they did a night-flight out of town to somewhere in Southern Spain..never to be seen of again, as i recal..!!

I left in 1989( yup, stayed 17+ yrs!)..now residing in Banff/Canmore in the Canadian Rockies.

My sister Annette Meylan lived in Leysin 1958 to 68 ,was a good friend of the Rankins – I have a photo of her at their wedding. Annette was married to Bernard,they are both dead but their 2 sons (Pierre& Andrè) are still in Switzerland.I would love to contact Carole.can you help?

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