Anne Haston-Ferris

Many of us who were privileged to know Annie Haston will miss her for her sense of humour and wit, her pleasure in keeping up with loyal friends and her determined independence. The death of Annie Haston last November 2009 was an unexpected shock for her close friends.

Annie died of an internal hemorrhage in her apartment in Paris, alone, but surrounded by her much loved books, music, photos and artwork. She had a number of small health problems for some time before her death but continued to see her beloved “Bug”, Aymeric Dumont, to whom she taught English for a number of years and worked for his family.  The way she lived her life was definitely of her own choosing and Paris was where she wanted to be. Except for a few short visits back to Leysin, “You can’t go home again”, was part of her philosophy. Annie will long be remembered for her adventurous spirit and also for the different ways she revealed herself to each friend, becoming more internal as the years went by, although not with old friends who had enjoyed living her Leysin years along with her.

Annie’s years in Leysin around Club Vagabond with the many friends she made there and in the climbing world seemed to be her happiest ones with the fondest memories for her. Perhaps for us, her life in Paris may have seemed lonely, but she loved her book and music shops, the galleries and museums and her phone calls to friends. All the British and French bureaucracy surrounding her death and cremation would have given her a good, wry laugh.

Dave and Johanne Smith, Helen (Wells) and her husband Jacques Eyssartier from the Auvergne, plus Carole Dumont, Annie’s good friend and ex-employer who had the lonely task of organizing the cremation in Paris, were present on Thursday February 11th, 2010 for the cremation at Pere-Lachaise Cemetary. Annie’s ashes were scattered with love and many fond memories in the Garden of Remembrance. Dave and Johanne were able to bring back to Leysin the plaque prepared for her casket and some remembrance will be planned after the winter either quietly or with close friends who may be able to be in Leysin.

May Annie finally find the peace for which she was searching these last few years.

Brenda Foster
Feb 18, 2010 01:46

I enjoyed living in Leysin during the 1980s and therefore having the opportunity to visit with Annie on occasion. I remember Annie as a particularly beautiful, elegant, thoughtful, and kind woman.

For me–and so many of us–she was uniquely beloved and admired, considering her adventurous and far-reaching experiences and passions… and recognizing the unlimited love and admiration that Johanne and David Smith, Hillary and Peter Boardman, and so many others, felt for her.

Love to you, Annie,
Brenda Foster (previously Brenda Pavillard)

Chris Bonington
Feb 18, 2010 12:16

I have many fond memories of Dougal and Annie in the Club Vagabond and their home in Leysin where I was always made so welcome on the way to or back from climbs, and after Dougal’s death of long boozy lunches in London when Annie visited, usually staying with Charlie and Ruth Clarke.

She was a wonderful, fun to be with, person

With love,

Steve Carroll
Feb 18, 2010 15:38

Of all the amazing and interesting folks I met during my time in Leysin, Annie was one of the most genuine, sincere and caring. She always made anyone feel welcome and was always interested in what you had to say. Her charm, wit and kindness made her a darling for so many of us. Thanks, Annie.

Johanne and Dave Smith
Jun 16, 2010 11:21 

A small, discreet, flat stone memorial to Annie Haston has been paced just beyond the Via Ferrata at the tree line in Leysin. Please contact Dave or Johanne as to details of where it is situated.

Anne Harley(Rubie)
Oct 4, 2010 00:19 

I too have fond memories of Annie -having worked with her in Leysin.Annie was always full of fun and such good company. Will remember you at the Via Ferrata on my trip to Leysin in February.

Marc Reading
Jan 30, 2011 00:12

I had the great pleasure of sharing an apartment with Annie and learning to appreciate classical music, wine and the finer things of life. Great weekends when visited by Luc And Rennie. Annie was a wonderful and generous friend. We last meet up in Paris for a typical ” hastonesque” dinner . What a great lady

Jerry Sanders
Feb 20, 2011 06:10 

I knew Annie & Beth, Mick and Dougal in ’66-67. Annie was spirited and and a match for Douga;. We had many good times along with Davy Agnew, Eric the Finn,Roger Morton, Don (Montana) Makela, Mike Van Stavern, Gary Hansen and a number of others. You could count an Annie to quell some of the outbursts. And on the dance floor she could do the “Dougal” She was a delight.

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