Bill Muns 1945 – 2011

R I P Munzy

Bill Muns

1945 – 2011

On July 1st we lost another one of our ex-Vagabond friends after a brief battle with brain cancer.Bill worked in the ski shop at the Vag in the winter of 70/71 as well as travelling extensively throughout Europe for a year and a half. He then returned to Canada and lived in Calgary during the heyday of the oil business which he was a part of. I believe he also partook of the 2 martini lunches that were prevalent among the oilmen back in the early 80’s. He then moved back east to Toronto where he worked in the travel business and finally to Thornbury, Ontario along the Georgian Bay where he worked as a real estate broker and loved his boating. He was ever the entrepreneur and found success in everything he tackled. Bill will be remembered for his laid back charm, devilish grin and of course his practical jokes. Bill is survived by his wife Bonnie, daughter Caitlin and son Alexander.

Thanks for the great times and the memories that went along with them Munsy. We’re going to miss you.


Laurie Hearns

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. Being Bill’s brother, I’ve heard many tales of his travels. He always spoke fondly of those days and know that he admired his friends at the Vag.

    Thank you again for your thoughts and kind words.

    John Muns
    (Munsy’s younger brother)

  2. Thank you for your kind words about Bill. Alex (18), Caity (25) and I appreciate your thoughts and love to hear your stories.

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