Nanci Gorden, nee Wright, 2.8.1949 – 6.12.2012

A year ago I added to the Absent Friends list the name of my friend Don Gorden and now with regret I find myself adding the name of his wife. Death is something that happens to us all once in a life time and it leaves behind the people who remember us with the content of the lives that we have led. It is with pleasure and gratitude that I recall all the good times, the laughter that Nancy and I spent with these two beautiful and caring people. An avid skier, Nanci was on the slopes this past April, returned home and developed flu-like symptoms. After medical examinations she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. What followed as an intense series of chemotherapy, radiation treatments and dialysis which left her exhausted but through it all and the phone calls we exchanged she never complained but remained calm, resolute and resigned to the limited time she had left. I remember her for the bravery and grace she brought to everything she did. As with her husband I remember her with gratitude and joy.

– Phones

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