Old friends

Off the top of my head here are some Vagabonders to add to the Tributes list. Sorry, I can’t recall the date their last bar card was punched but perhaps others can supply them.
-Richard Headifen

Ken Tait. What was then Northern Rhodesia
John Harlin. U.S.A,
Tony Tighe. Australia
Brian Travers. Australia
Gwytha Pierce, nee Peterson. New Zealand
Mick Burke. England
Peter Boardman. England
Peter Royden Seccombe. New Zealand. May 1st 1947 – August 11, 2004
Dougal Haston. Scotland
Edgar ( Benny ) Benoit
J.P. Hefti. Switzerland
Stuart Fulton. Scotland
Phillipa ( Pip ) Coon. England
Tommy Tunkin. U.S.A.
Fred Bernstein. Canada.
Lucas Jacobus van der Kaay

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  1. Lars Eric Hansen. Sweden (1934-1975)

  2. It is with great regret to find out that my friend Annie has died in Nov 2009.
    Because of my transfer to USA many years ago has cut of many strings with friends in europe.
    It was good to read that article on the web.Let her have peace forever.
    ben alkemade

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