Phil Bowen

To all friends from Leysin

My brother my friend Phil Bowen was found in the family home Boronia Victoria Australia 10th September 2006 , experts that attended said he passed away peacefully I could not bring everything back to Western Australia where I live but have a wonderful collection of his photos . Since then I have taken his and his mothers ashes (died almost at the same time )to Bowen Queensland Australia where he was going to settle on an amazing block of land with almost 360 degrees including views of the Whitsunday islands . His friend John from England sent the most wonderful Photo of my Bro to put on his coffin and friends from Victoria chose a song “96 degrees in the Shade ” to end the double funeral

Whatever he attempted he was an expert !

We all miss him especially me, his Sis, Christine.

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  1. I shared a room with Phil in Mon Sejour for a long time, we had the best time, we skied almost everyday together, he was a wonderful friend who I miss dearly. We kept in touch for many years after Leysin, I took some wonderful shots of him, the best being the famous one of him in an armchair outside with a sombrero blowing back in the wind. Even after all these years I still find it hard to believe he’s gone. Hawkeye

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