Tony Tighe – (1948 – 1972) painful memories renewed …

Australian born Tony Tighe lost his life in 1972 while working with the British Everest SW Face Expedition under the leadership of Chris Bonnington. On a routine baggage carry, Tony headed off on his own into the Kumbu icefall and was never seen again. Upon searching, the climbing team found a big area that had collapsed and assumed that Tony was in that area when it happened. It has now been confirmed that Tony was found in May of 2008 at the foot of the icefall and after a burial ceremony, was laid to rest. This information was only published in January of 2009. Tony’s many friends from his Vag bar tending days can now be assured that Tony “Rests In Peace” at last. His memory will live on in the hearts of all who knew and loved him for his warmth, openness and genuine love of people. Tony’s adventurous spirit came to rest on Mount Everest in November of 1972.

There is a photo of Tony with some friends taken around 1970 the FROF Photo Gallery (under Blast from the Past – Album: Around 1970).

Richard Headifen
Mar 28, 2009 16:23

Tony can also be seen in pictures 5 and 9 standing next to the starting gate in a blue jump suit. My God, what has become of that person that was me in picture 8? Thirty eight years will do it. Cheers, Phones.

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