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Having seen sister Lillian’s response, thought I had better put a few words in. i was so disappointed not to be able to attend the renuion, had of got my A into G probably could have. I guess it’s hi to Gael,that”s the second letter from yourself with my name mentioned. Am very touched you still remember me, wouldn’t blame Marinette entirely.
Still rember you vividly, we did have great times together. Have very close ties with Campbell Watts, we always manage to have a wee DRAM together and talk over old times. Hi to Marrinette & Bev ( Bev you scored a beaut girl) and any others who remember me

Hi Brian,
Good to hear you are still going well.The reunion was great – pity you could not be there. However there is talk of a down under get together here in Mollymook where I now live in November this year. Later on I will get around to organising something to see what interest there is. Mollymook is about three hours South of Sydney on the NSW South Coast. I live about 2km from Jon Travers so see alot of him. We are going to Vietnam for a month in a few weeks so will do something after that. Keep it in mind.
Cheers, Repete

At the Vagabond reunion last year it was suggested that we have a downunder get together at Mollymook on the New South Wales South coast in November of this year. If that is going to happen I thought it was time we ascertain what sort of interest there maybe before we make any concrete decisions. Here are a few tentative thoughts: If it happens the weekend of November 17 and 18 might be a good one. A friday night barbecue at the Mollymook surf club and then book out a local restaurant for a dinner on the Saturday night. At that time of the year there would be plenty of accomodation available in motels, private houses etc.
For those who don’t know the area just google Mollymook and all the information will come up.
Next week I am going away to Vietnam for a month’as holiday so during this time have a think about it and when I come back will be in touch again to see what sort of numbers are interested and if enough can go ahead and start organising something. So tell anyone else who may be interested and will be in touch again next month.
If anyone has any queries they can contact me at
Cheers, Pete

If I win on the horses, count me in – I’ll take floor space anywhere, but preferably within close proximity of Vi’s canteen!!!

Hope you have had a thought about getting together here in Mollymook in November. If anything is going to happen then we need to ascertain what sort of numbers may be interested. I thought a minimum of 30 or 40 would be needed to make the whole thing worthwhile. So if you have an interest please reply here ( that might engender more to consider it) over the next couple of weeks and then I’ll get back to you and if we have the interest start putting some plans together. Don’t be shy as it will only take place if you get involved. For anyone who was in Leysin last year catching up with old mates was unreal and the reunion just took on a life of its own. This is another opportunity to get together for a few drinks and to reconnect with old friends. It’s up to you.
Cheers, Pete

Hi Pete
I would definately be interested in coming down to Mollybrook for a get together. I missed the reunion in Leysin, but managed to catch up with some Vagabonders on a trip to Canada and the US around that time.
Hope that you get the numbers up.
Cheers. Tim McElhiney 69,70,71

Hi Pete,
Just happened to look at the web page and see flange’s reply, I will talk to him and would love to attend in November, please keep me updated, sadly missed the gathering in Leysin but will make an effort to attend Mollymook in November, maybe also Margaret.
Kind Regards
Campbell Watts

I have had several people contact me saying they would like to come to Mollymook but that the date in November is not suitable. Also I now have to go to a family wedding in Perth around that time and our other Mollymook resident Jon Travers will also be away. Because of all this we have decided to postpone the get together to March ( a date to be decided on ) next year. I hope I haven’t buggered upanyones plans by doing this but the November date was getting too hard for too many people. March is a good time of the year here with (generally) good weather, warmer water and not too many tourists. Would still love to see you all so think about March and later on we will start getting a few things organised.
Cheers, Pete

The weekend of March 15-17 seems like a good one for a downunder Vag reunion here at Mollymook next year.We need now to ascertain who can make it so we can go ahead and organise venues, accomodation etc. Please get back to me at if you are interested (This will save clogging up the frof website) so we can go from there. Please tell others as the more people we get the more fun we are going to have. It will be good to get this off the ground.
Cheers, Pete

Good news. I have heard that Dave and Johanne are planning a trip to Australia towards end of February. However the bad news is that they are planning on leaving again on March 16th. So what we are are going to do is to bring the get together back a week and hold it on the previous weekend 8/10 March. Sorry about having to change the dates yet again but this is a change for an excellent reason. Please let me know on the above address if you are interested. I look forward to nailing it once and for all and the numbers will depend on what sort of entertainment we can organise.
Cheers, Pete

Good to talk to you the other night Pete, Jon and Vi. The Kiwi Clan will certainly be there in Mollymook on weekend of 8/10 March ie Brian Farrell, sis Lillian and husband Ted, Campbell and Marg Watts from Cambridge, NZ. Pat Anderson will travel up from Melbourne I am sure. We just need to convince Jilly and husband John to make the trip as well. Unfortunately Kathy and Caesar have booked their flight from the US for the following weekend. Mind you I have changed many a flight in the past so I am sure they may consider the same. Thank you for agreeing to use Mollymook for the follow-up reunion. We will be sure to tell everyone what a fabulous time we had in Leysin in September, 20ll.

t looks as if we will have about 35-40 to the reunion at Mollymook. If anyone who reads this and has not booked accomodation as yet for 8,9,10 March it is best to do so asap as that weekend is also a long weekend for the ACT and alot of public servants come to the coast for the weekend.
The programme is.Friday night an informal gettogether at Bannisters pool bar. The bar opens at 6pm so rock up any time after that. They serve pizzas and other light meals there and the setting is great.
On Saturday night there will be a party at John Travers’ place. We will do the food catering but bring your own refreshments. there are plenty of liquor stores in the area. We will have to charge you $20 a head to cover the costs of food.
On Sunday night we will have a dinner at a local restaurant. I am still talking to them so I cannot give you an idea of price just yet.
Can you please confirm to either John or myself whether you are coming and when you will arrive as we need to start firming up numbers for catering purposes.
Any queries please contact me on or (02) 44545494.
Cheers, Pete

Pete, Caesar has emailed you to let you know that we were able to change our flights so that we can get to Mollymook in time for the reunion. Besides the other activities, we will be coming to the dinner on Sunday night — just wanted to let you know, as you said you needed numbers. (I didn’t even know to check this Guestbook until Lillian told me about it.) Caesar and I will keep up with the plans now. Can’t wait to see everyone.

Mollymook reunion.The Sunday night dinner will be at a restaurant called Tallwood, Tallwod ave, Mollymook. We have organised an 11 course tasting menu which should be terrific. The restaurant has also given us adeal on wines and tap beer. the cost is $50 per head, plus drinks. Pre dinner drinks at 6.30 , food coming on from arou nd 7.30. Any queries please get back to either Jon or me.
Cheers, Pete

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